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by Orient-Express
21 Club, New York

Historical Timeline

1871-1929 | 1930's1940's & 1950's | 1960 - Present 

  Every President since FDR has been a guest of '21' with the one exception of George W. Bush. In true fashion, JFK dined at '21' on the eve of his inauguration.

1980: Wall Street Boom. '21' spawns the power lunch.  Forbes says "more deals are done at '21' than on the stock market floor." Part of the movie "Wall Street" is filmed in the restaurant.

1985:  '21' is sold for the first time to financier Marshall Cogan. Patrons hold their collective breath as it closes for a massive refurbishment.  Four months later '21' re-opens to rapturous praise - it looks the same, and feels the same.  It's still '21'.

1995: '21' is sold to Orient-Express Hotels. It is fitting that new owner, James Sherwood, is known for acquiring properties that represent what is best and authentic about the world's greatest cities.

1997:  The famous Wine Cellar is remodeled, becoming one of the most sought-after private dining rooms in the city.  Patrons enter through the now famous brick wall "door" that the Feds never found.

2002: The new Upstairs at '21' restaurant opens on the first floor to great acclaim. It is hailed as 'the most romantic restaurant in the city, a heartfelt love song to New York'.

2009: On December 31st '21' celebrates its 80th birthday.


Features & Offers

Weddings & Rehearsal Dinners

Weddings & Rehearsal Dinners

Celebrate your nuptials at '21' in an atmosphere of understated elegance.  More »
Gatsby at Bar

Gatsby at Bar '21'

Join us at Bar '21' this spring for Great Gatsby inspired cocktail, such as the Beautiful Fool. More »
Reduced Parking

Reduced Parking

Enjoy $10 parking with dinner reservations in the Bar Room or Upstairs at '21'. More »
Web Exclusive

Web Exclusive

Discover special incentives for booking private events in our 10 private dining rooms. More »
Love is in the air

Love is in the air

Discover one of the most romantic dining rooms in New York City. More »